Sunday, July 10, 2005


This seems to be either happening too often now or just that its more widely reported. Either way its sickening to hear such stuff.

Minor raped by brother and uncle
Helen Castro, 17, (name changed), was raped by Wilson Castro, 21, her brother and Wilfred Fernandes, 25, her maternal uncle, at their residence at Veer Sambhaji Marg, Mulund. Read the full article here

Such guys should be punished more severely. Also it should be investigated as to what motivates them to do such deeds. Do they need psychological help, etc.

Thousands of watchmen in capital get sack order

The services of thousands of watchmen in Abu Dhabi have been terminated by the Department of Social Services and Commercial Buildings (DSSCB) as the business has been handed over to a private security company.

One of the major problems for many residents would be the casual car wash done at present by watchmen. Many residents resort to their services, mostly charging Dh100 per month, as the chances of their car going through in a proper commercial facility are very rare, time-consuming and more expensive. On their part, watchmen depend on the profession to earn more money to complement their low wages though it’s illegal and punishable by the law including heavy municipal fines.

Just shows privatising everything might not necessarily be a good idea. Read the full article here

PM should apologise for praising British rule: BJP

Well apparently everyone seems to be getting into trouble for praising someone nowadays..Advani got into trouble for praising Jinnah n calling him secular and now our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is in trouble for praising the British colonial rule during his speech on Friday at the Oxford University.

The BJP has demanded an apology from the PM and BJP spokesperson Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi says "Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has insulted the sentiments of one hundred million proud Indians by lavishing praise on the British colonial rule. He owes an apology to the nation and should explain the context under which he made such comments"

I am a bit confused about the one hundred million proud Indians part. Are the remaining 900+ million Indians not proud or did we just miss a zero here?

When in Sweden, you may look up a lady's skirt

Well apparently looking looking up ladies’ skirts is now not illegal in Sweden. According to this article in IndiaTimes the Swedish parliament actually voted to legalise this.

"To celebrate the new law, the Parliament’s second floor
was replaced with a seethrough glass floor, and women
were invited to stand on the floor, wearing their loosest,
widest skirts"

I wonder what can top this??

Link sent courtesy by colleague Anoop aka API

Suggestions to keep blog updated

I am having a tough time updating my blog. It amazes me to see all these other blogs with about a dozen posts a day, whereas i find it difficult to post even one a day!! I need helpppppppp...How do these guys manage to do it?..Whats the secret?...Is it their first priority of the day? Is this all tht they do? Or is it part of their profession..

Tips to keep up would help..


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Mumbai: Falling from grace?

Being from Bombay myself (Hate the name Mumbai), i feel very sad n disgusted as to what shameful levels the city has come to..I always prided myself that i was from the financial centre of the country n a city which was the unofficial capital of India in all ways..

That there were problems of corruption, bureaucracy, poverty, police atrocities was well known to us..Yet the city continued with its daily grinding life oblivious to its surroundings. But then there are instances which make even the hardened most heartless bombayite get up n take notice n want to kill.

Just such an instance happened on Thursday in the heart of the city at Marine Drive. A 16 (17?) year girl was raped by a police constable. Read about that here. What is shocking is that the cop raped her in a police chowky in broad daylight with her friends outside totally helpless..

Its a common fact that no one wants to mess with cops, be it Bombay or anywhere else..This very power emboldens them to commit despicable acts. After all they are cops, who is gonna mess with them. There r good cops too, but a few scattered here n there. One bad fruit doesn't make a bad tree, but it definitely will rot the rest if not nipped in the bud!

This cop it seems was warned 5 times before this incident..5 times!!!! According to this he was a disaster waiting to happen. How can a cop report to duty, be drunk, be warned 5 times and be left of? Just because he had a brother also in the police force who would pacify his seniors against any action? So when does any disciplinary action take place? After 100 warnings?

This cop alone is not to be punished..His seniors who condoned & tolerated his unacceptable behaviour should also be punished..If he was disciplined at the right time this incident might not have taken place. One should remember the only reason this girl n her friend went with the cop was because he was a cop..If a stranger approached them they would have surely refused..Just the sight of a uniformed person beckoning u is enough to make u shudder..

Women will now be more insecure in Mumbai and the very protectors are to blame. Each passing day i am left with little to praise and nothing to defend my once beautiful city :(

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Discrimination on new grounds!

Well, we have all heard of discrimination based on race, creed, religion...Well here in the UAE we have discrimination based on whether u work in the Public (aka Govt) or Private sector..

Today the govt announced that this Wednesday all ministries and public sector departments in the country will remain closed on in connection with Milad Al Nabi celebrations..Since the govt has Thu-Fri as weekends they get Wed-Fri off..Very nice...They can plan their long holiday n enjoy...But hello! dont we have a private sector here too? What about them? The Pvt sector never gets the same amount of holidays as the Public sector in the UAE.. They usually get a day less or in case of Eid or big holidays maybe even more less (hmm more less..sounds like a paradox!)

Well the Pvt sector has been cribbing (me too) about this for a long time..But what takes the cake is tht when the Public sector holidays are announced the Pvt sector is not. Thus the Pvt sector is kept twiddling its fingers, tearing its hair out in frustration only to to be told a day before that they have a holiday..So how r they supposed to plan their holidays?

It seems the ministry involved announces the Public Sector holidays n then goes lies in bed, starts to dream, has divine intervention or maybe gets a brainstorm, gets up the next day n then announces (hopefully) for the Pvt sector.

Imagine the pandemonium and furore if this were to happen in India..

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Indian Cricket Politics

First Sourav Ganguly gets banned for 6 matches by the ICC, n then he is allowed to play by them..Damn we shud be happy .. But then BCCI has already declared the team and lol Sourav wont play the next 2 matches..

Hmmm is that the actual reason? Is it only becoz the BCCI had already declared the team.. Well there seems to be more then meets the eye according to this.

If true then its a shame tht this gr8 man n arguably one of the most inspiring and aggressive captains tht india ever had can be treated this way

Last ODI: Disappointing Show

The show put on by the Indian cricket team was sickingly abmysal to say the least...The fact tht we lasted just 37 overs tells the story.. There was a total lack of application and the way the guys played , it was as if we were chasing 500 rather then 300!! Total suicidal shots, a "i dont care attitude" was the norm..

Other then the 2 runouts (they took their chances..scored direct hits with the 2 chances they got), there was nothing special about the bowling to rip out our batting greats in the fashion they did.

I am pained for the spectators though...They stood overnight in lines to buy tickets (hardly a few % of them got it), then stood for hours in the sweltering delhi heat to get in, werent allowed to take water bottles in..i mean how do u stay for a whole match without water is beyond me..n then for all this they get a totally disgusting perfomance by the team.

Well me was expecting a 2-2 result..didnt factor in the "I give up" attitude of our team.

Match report on Rediff

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Got the inspiration to create a blog after reading a lot of blogs from Amit Varma at India Uncut . His reporting on the tsunamis was just great.

Soaring rents hurting expats in UAE

The way rents have increased, and are keeping on rising is soon gonna turn expats back to their respective countries. Salaries havent increased, infact no hikes since a couple of years is more the norm. Expats will soon realise tht they r actually working just to pay rent. Saving money for a rainy day is almost becoming impossible.

Gulf News has got a great article which highlights the same.

First Post

Well been reading a lot of blogs, thought its time to have one of my own. Hopefully will have time to update n not let it slide :-)